domingo, 23 de noviembre de 2014

English books being read in class

List of books read in English between the English teacher and the English language assistant :

In the class of 2 years : "THE VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLER"

In Infantil : "MEG AND MOG"  /    " POSTMEN BEAR"   /    "THE ODD EGG"

English breakfast Part 2 - breakfast plates

The children with the english language assistant coloured what they had eaten,cut out the food and then had to stick it with glue on to a plate to simbolise the English Breakfast that we had celebrated.


Following the hedgehog theme, with the english language assistant, this time in the various classes, the children made hedgehogs out of modeling clay and we used macarrones or spaguetti to make the eyes and the spines / spikes !


In English with the english language assitant the children learnt how to say HEDGEHOG, why it has this name and where they live. The sound they make, etc. Inspired from various visits of a real wild hedgehog to the schools patio, the various classes decorated a large hedgehog with leaves, glue, paper and paint.

lunes, 3 de noviembre de 2014

English Breakfast Update !

The english breakfast went very well. The children had a choice by choosing a fruit (apple, plum, orange) and us freshly liquidising it for them or to try tea to drink. They were also given a choice of food such as bacon, beans, sausages, tomato, toast and jam. While practising the English language with their teachers, language assistant and their friends.
Also listening to typical English music!


Next 11th of November 2014 we are going to prepare in the new instalations an English breakfast for all the children from both buildings of Los Puentes. They are free to come and join !